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July 7th – 8th Weekend Tournament Recap

16U NOVA Cavaliers-Lin taking the floor in the Rebels Summer Slam Fest in Fairfax, VA last weekend


Fairfax, VA / Clifton, VA –  Six of the NOVA Cavalier teams were in action this weekend.

NOVA Cavs participated in the Rebels Summer Slam Fest at Fairfax HS in Fairfax, VA and VA Thunder Tourney in Clifton, VA.

Next weekend, our 14U-Corish and 17U-Dashti will play in the Hoop Group Atlantic City Jam Fest, while our 16U-Lin will play in the Suburban Coalition Sports Spectacular. 

Go Cavs!


Game Results from the weekend:



12U DeSenti

40-53 Loss to VA Thunder Black

51-30 Win over VA Thunder White

45-65 Loss to NOVA 94feet/Team Impact Elite

51-35 Win over NOVA Heat

14U Corish

47-59 Loss to Athletic Knights Basketball

46-20 Win over Team Pick & Rollers

65-45 Win over Culpeper Heat (VA)

14U Sullender

62-36 Win over Culpeper Heat (VA)

61-62 Loss to East Coast Hoopers (VA)

48-38 Win over Team Pick & Rollers

15U Sawitzky

47-75 Loss to Loudoun Xtreme

69-56 Win over Beach City Ballers

57-60 Loss to SC Coastal Elite

61-43 Win over Executive III

16U Fort

40-58 Loss to 15U ProLook – Bentley

51-56 Loss to 15U ProLook – Robinson

58-83 Loss to 16U ProLook – Ford

16U Lin

57-55 Win over 17U ProLook – Willis

66-48 Win over 16U ProLook – Ford

62-43 Win over 15U ProLook – Bentley

56-30 Win over 17U Fairfax Stars

17U Dashti

61-29 Win over Team Flight

57-54 Win over 17U ProLook – Gilreath

53-45 Win over 17U ProLook – Willis