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June 2nd – 3rd Weekend Tournament Recap

16U NOVA Cavs-Lin winning the 2018 Battle of NOVA Invitational in Clifton, VA at Centreville HS this past weekend


Fairfax County, VA –  All nine of the NOVA Cavalier teams were in action this weekend.

Congratulations goes out to 14U Cavs-Corish, 16U Cavs-Lin and 17U Cavs-Dashti for winning the 2018 Battle of NOVA Invitational. 

Next weekend, our NOVA Cavs teams will play in New York City, Boyds and Oxon Hill, Maryland.

Go Cavs!


Game Results from the weekend:

12U Nickle

13-44 Loss to LBA Attack-Blue

55-56 Loss to Pure Game Elite

28-48 Loss to Virginia Thunder Black

12U DeSenti

53-26 Win over Arlington Thunder

52-17 Win over Virginia Thunder White

24-45 Loss to NOVA Heat (Semifinal)

13U Roller

28-39 Loss to NOVA 94feet Blue

53-42 Win over Prime Time Performance

40-45 Loss to Team Envy

14U Corish

48-33 Win over Arlington Thunder

47-28 Win over Prime Time Performance

42-16 Win over Fairfax Stars

33-28 Win over Loudoun CDP 2022 (Semifinal)

50-38 Win over NOVA Cavaliers – Sullender (Final)

14U Sullender

52-48 Win over East Coast Hoopers

41-38 Win over Loudoun CDP 2022

66-63 Win over NOVA 94feet Blue

46-36 Win over Prime Time Performance (Semifinal)

38-50 Loss to NOVA Cavaliers – Corish (Final)

15U Sawitzky

50-27 Win over PWC Kings

61-38 Win over LBA Attack Sigma

41-49 Loss to ProLook – Bentley (Semifinal)

16U Fort

37-46 Loss to Fairfax Fury

71-21 Win over Catoctin

54-37 Win over Germantown Heat

16U Lin

69-46 Win over Germantown Heat

56-22 Win over Gainesville Hurricanes

52-29 Win over Chantilly Elite (Semifinal)

46-35 Win over LBA Attack Sigma (Final)

17U Dashti

81-30 Win over CBC Premier Elite

51-27 Win over DMV Fire

40-33 Win over ProLook – Willis (Semifinal)

53-50 Win over Fairfax Cowboys (Final)