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March Madness Cavs Fundraiser!

Please consider participating in this NCAA March Madness bracket fundraiser in support of the Nova Cavs Basketball Club.  The cost for each bracket is $25 ($15 to the club / $10 toward the pool to pay winners): 1st place (75%), 2nd place (20%) and 3rd place (5%).  Kindly use this link to register and complete your bracket.

Part of the proceeds will cover our financial-need players within the Cavs organization.  ANYONE is welcome and encouraged to participate, and the Cavs thank you in advance for your generous support to our organization.

Link:                             http://novacavsbball.mayhem.cbssports.com/e
Group name:                     NovaCavs
Group password:             basketball
Payments (cash or checks made payable to NOVA Cavaliers AAU Basketball) should be sent to:
NOVA Cavaliers AAU
1803 Peabody Drive
Falls Church VA 22043
You can also use PayPal online with the following link:  https://paypal.me/novacavs/25
Please help us spread the word to others.  Thank you!