Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

2013 NOVA Cavaliers Summer Breeze

2nd Annual NOVA Cavaliers Summer Breeze Tournament

July 20th – 21st at Loudoun Valley HS (Purcellville, VA)



Loudoun Valley High School (Purcellville, VA)


July 20th – 21st (Sat. – Sun.)

Divisions of Play

11U / 5th Grade

14U / 8th Grade

*All AAU, YBOA, USBA, and Travel Teams are welcome

Contact Information

Tournament Director:

Clair Volker
(571) 246-3355
[email protected]

Tournament Coordinators:

Kevin Weeren
[email protected]

Doug Sawitzky
[email protected]

Game Rules

Two 14 Minutes Halves, Stopped Clock, 4 Time Outs, VHSL Rules on Fouls and Free Throws.

Tournament Rules

Event Format: 3+ Games Guaranteed

Home vs. Away: The home team is the first team listed in the pool or on top of the bracket and will wear light uniforms. The visiting team is the second team listed in the pool or on the bottom of the bracket and will wear the dark uniforms.

Pre-Game: 5 minute warm-up (subject to tournament schedule). Teams should report to gym 20 minutes prior to their scheduled game times and be ready to play 5 minutes after previous game has ended.

Tip Off Times: Games will begin at or after the scheduled time unless both are present and court director agree to begin early.

GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME. Games may only start if a team has 4 players present.

Playing Times: (Clock stops on free-throws, time-outs, injuries and table discussions)

– Two 14 minutes halves with stopped clock.

– Overtime Period: 2 minutes stopped clock. If the game is tied after first overtime period, the game will go into sudden victory (first team to score wins)

Halftime: 3 minutes (subject to tournament schedule)

Post Game: Team must immediately clean their bench area after each game.

Timeouts: – Four (45) second timeouts per game.

– One (1) thirty second timeout in overtime play. Regulation time-outs do not carry over to overtime.

Fouls: VHSL HS Rules, 1 & 1 on 7th foul and double bonus on 10th foul.

Technical Fouls: 2 shots and the ball.

Scorer’s Table: The home team is required to provide one person from the team at official scorer’s table.

Please list your players in the book in NUMERICAL ORDER.

Tiebreaker Rules: Ties will be broken in this order

1. Head to Head Result
2. Point Differential (+/- 15 points max per game; forfeits are +15/-15)
3. Total Points Scored Against
4. Coin Toss

Please check with the Tournament Director after all your pool play games are finished to see where your team is placed in Bracket-play for seeding.

Bench Personnel: Only eligible players plus a maximum of three (3) coaches may be on the team’s bench.

Other Rules: VHSL rules apply

Sportsmanship: Coaches will be responsible for their fans and team behavior. We reserve the right to remove any spectators, players, or coaches for any misconduct on and off the court. Additionally, no refunds will be given.

All teams agree the Nova Cavaliers Organization and the Fairfax County Recreations department are not responsible for any liabilities with respect to injuries that occur during this event.

All coaches are responsible for the Sportsmanship of themselves, players, and spectators. Thanks in advance for your leadership throughout the tournament.


Here are the results from this year’s NOVA Cavs Summer Breeze at Loudoun Valley HS.

The Flexx All Stars won the 11U bracket. Congratulations to coach Hickey and his team.

Coach Sawitzky and the Nova Cavs took home the 14U trophy.

Thanks for your participation and making this weekend a success. We hope to see you all next year.


2013 Summer Breeze

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