2013 Flames Summer Challenge

Flames Summer Challenge Tournament Recap

16U (Gray-Mendes)Coach Gray-Mendes 16U Cavs team wins their first tournament of the season with a 48-30 over CBSA Hoyas this past weekend at the MD Flames Summer Challenge. Cavaliers avenged a 20 points loss to the Hoyas earlier on Saturday in the preliminary, as they turned an all-around team effort into a decisive blow out over the Hoyas in the Championship game. Cavaliers also defeated Blazing Bulls earlier on Saturday, which allowed them to advance back into the tournament final for the rematch.Congrats to the 16U as they will take the upcoming weekend off due to HS team camp events. They will be playing Charm City and Bowie TNT July 4th Classicsin the following weekends.15U (Knoche)Coach Knoche’s 15U Cavs team […]